Campi del Cilento – Harvest 2019
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Campi del Cilento, 2019 Harvest
the future belongs to ancient grains.

Campi del Cilento is an annual event organized by Molini Pizzuti to rediscover the ancient grains of Cilento and to promote the flours obtained by them. During the final event, three Chefs from all over the world and selected by an online contest, will compete on a plate of hand-made pasta prepared with ancient grains from Cilento.

Italian adopted by the cosmopolitan Dubai, the chef Salvo Sardo of the restaurant “Della Ronda Locatelli” is the last of the three finalists who will compete at Campi del Cilento 2019 next July 1st. Still strongly connected to its origins, it will be a pleasure to have a young representative of Italian cuisine abroad as guest.

The second finalist of the Campi del Cilento 2019 contest also comes from China, this time from the capital. The chef, Guo Yan Chen of the La Pizza Soho Shangdu Branch restaurant, will be cooking at the La Petrosa farmhouse. In the video recipe he sent us, he prepared a plate of ravioli handmade with Senatore Cappelli wheat flour from Cilento, filled with ricotta and tomatoes La Corvinia

Chef of the restaurant Bella Vita in Tianjin, Liu Ya Qi is one of the finalists who won the opportunity of competing on the 1st of July at Campi del Cilento – Harvest 2019. We can’t wait to see him in the kitchen but in the meantime let’s watch the preparation of its delicious Senatore Cappelli linguine on a bed of mussels and beans La Corvinia.

Chefs and pizza makers will be ready to delight you with the typical products of Cilento, prepared with the Molini Pizzuti ancient grain flours,

Come and enjoy a unique experience to celebrate the harvest and the arrival of summer.

An international challenge, live music and delicious Cilentan products are waiting for you. La Petrosa in Ceraso (SA), 1st of July, 6 pm!

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