Flours: 'Selected for you' line

Molini Pizzuti ‘Selected for you’ line offers a selection of flours derived from ancient grains, cereals and legumes. All the references represent an interesting alternative to conventional wheat flours, for the right ratio of nutritional elements and richness in fiber, mineral salts and vitamins. To preserve the nutritional and flavor characteristics it is recommended to use it in percentage mixing them from 30% to 60% with conventional wheat flours.
In Molini Pizzuti ‘Selected for you” line of products you will find:

  • Hemp seeds flour
  • Rice flour
  • Toasted wheat flour
  • Malt
  • Multicereals
  • Chestnut flour
  • High crust pizza flour for pizza pan
  • High crust pizza flour for pizza peel

Molini Pizzuti’s flours are 100% natural.

No additives or chemicals are used.
The standardization of the product is ensured by a rigid selection, by our technical personnel, of the wheats. This control allows us to provide our customers product standardization over time, which facilitate the use of products by the final user.

Flour is a ‘living’ product and, as such, sensitive to ambient conditions, therefore it must be kept in rooms with the following characteristics:
– dry and aerated place
– moisture max 60%
– natural light (alternating light and darkness).