Brand specialist 2021 – Molini Pizzuti

The “brand specialist – Molini Pizzuti” initative aims to reward loyal customers who have trusted the quality of our flours over the years.

The initiative is opened to all food operators: bakers, pizzaioli, pastry chefs and chefs who have continuously been using Molini PIzzuti’s flours over the years, starting with a minimum period of five years. This acknowledgment will allow all participants to access a series of activities organised by Molini Pizzuti to recompense its clients’ loyalty to the brand like free participation in training courses, visibility on social media channels, participation in advertising campaigns and trade fairs.

The award is a “brand specialist” Certificate, granted yearly, directly by one of Molini Pizzuti’s representatives. The certificate will show one, two or three wheat ears according to the number of years that Molini Pizzuti’s flours have been used, respectively: five, ten or fifteen years.

5 years

10 years

15 years

Molini Pizzuti rewards your loyalty.